Symantec Enterprise Vault HTTP-only Outlook Add-In

Symantec Enterprise Vault HTTP-only Outlook Add-In 10.0

A hotfix for Enterprise Vault (EV) HTTP (Lite) Outlook Add-in
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10.0.1316 (See all)

When Entrust is installed, the EV Outlook HTTP client may crash when attempting a manual archive or restore, causing an access violation exception (0xC0000005).
Outlook cannot start properly if the EVSERVERS value has greater than 1024 characters and the EV add-in will be disabled.
When the age limit setting is applied on the Vault Cache, downloading items older than the age limit can make Outlook unresponsive.
After Enterprise Vault Client driven PST migration, multiple instances of 'Personal Folders' may appear in the user's Outlook 2003 profile.
After installing the 8.0 SP4 Outlook Add-In's (HTTP or DCOM), users are no longer able to access their Vault Cached items due to the items not being retrieved from Vault Cache when shortcuts are opened.
When implementing VVStubOnlyModuleList registry key, Outlook needs to be restarted for values to be implemented
EV Outlook add-in installed with Secude add-in causes crashes in Outlook

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